Fool's Gold Den Haag-NL -
A Song For Everyone Den Haag-NL -
Manmower Den Haag-NL -
A Pacific Sonata Den Haag-NL -
August (Love cover) Den Haag-NL -
On My Pillow Den Haag-NL -
The Light Fantastic Den Haag-NL -
The Crucible Den Haag-NL -
The Tower Leipzig-DE -
Acoustic Set Leipzig-DE -
Viper Theater, Firenze Firenze-IT -
Antonio Bagalà
Bonny Lee Brescia -
Antonio Bagalà Antonio Bagalà
Mockingbird Brescia -
Antonio Bagalà
Manmower Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
Granny Takes A Trip Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
Mountain Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
Hogwash/Spin, Spin, Spin Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
On A Plate Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
The Crucible Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
Psychotzar Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
Lux Aeterna Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
Whip That Ghost (Song For A Brother) Braine-Le-Compte-BE -
For Mad Men Only (May Blitz cover) Braine-Le-Compte-BE -